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Managing and analyzing your data

CHB takes your data all the way from the lab to the final analysis. We handle all your bioinformatics needs in array and sequence analysis, from data retrieval and management, storage, quality control, analysis and writeup.

CHB staff has provided support for array technologies, from expression arrays to tiling arrays, methylation data and SNP analysis, whether from Affymetrix, Illumina or Agilent. Center members have extensive experience in managing and analyzing sequencing data, including standard whole genome and exome sequencing (quality control, mapping, re-alignment, variant calls, prioritization), RNA-seq (quantification and de novo transcriptome analysis), genome assembly (reference guided and de novo) and customized project support.

We follow best practices and re-use public workflows and tools wherever possible, but are happy to adapt existing methods and develop new solutions where required. Research computing support is provided by the FAS Research Computing group, including access to the Odyssey cluster with more than 20.000 node and dedicated servers for data analysis (Galaxy) and dissemination (BioInvestigation Index).

All projects are documented on the Center’s project management page running Basecamp. Explore our growing archive of projects and publications