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Working with us

CHB provides a single point of contact for computational biology, applying genomic approaches together with established biostatistics and bioinformatics. We aid researchers in the Harvard community with all aspects of computational biology, reducing the gap between primary data and its interpretation:

  • Aid in study design: we like to get involved early in the process to identify potential problems and bottlenecks and to provide guidance with the experimental setup
  • Provide research computing infrastructure: we have partnered with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing Group to ensure large scale datasets are managed reliably and securely while having access to world class computational resources
  • Implement the analysis: we support all aspects of bioinformatics data analysis, from array analysis to GWAS interpretation and next generation sequencing support, integrating results with public data and resources where applicable
  • Provision of results: using our own installation of an easy to use bioinformatics framework (Galaxy) we pass on primary and derived data back to research groups, allowing for the interactive exploration of results
  • Training and outreach: to ensure our collaborators can re-analyze their data we offer workshops and individual training to use the Galaxy system

As the bioinformatics service team for HSPH, HSCI and as part of the Harvard Catalyst Genetics and Bioinformatics Consulting group we have supported over 200 projects in the last three years, many of which turned into funded collaborations.

Fee for service model

Consultations not subsidized by Harvard Catalyst or the Harvard Stem Cell Institute are billed at $125 US after the initial meeting. This charge ensures that we can flexibly assign the right combination of expertise to your specific tasks. We will provide you with a estimate of the number of hours required, a quote and a start date as part of our Memorandum of Understanding. During the project you will receive detailed monthly billing updates and ongoing analysis results via our project page.

Core Associates

If you already have bioinformaticians in your group or are thinking of hiring one to support your projects we can help with the job description, hiring process and training process by hosting them full-time or part-time as Core Associates at CHB. This provides them with a collaborative, computationally-focused environment and access to our IT infrastructure. Talk to us for more details!


We would love to explore ways to support your project – contact us directly via an email to Oliver Hofmann or through our contact form for more information or any questions you might have.